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Lecture 8

CLASS102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Moirai, Hemera, Hieros Gamos

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Katherine Mac Kay

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muses: children of zeus, inspire art
Cosmogony is the theogony
-physical universe is made up of gods: earth, sky, ocean, etc
-not a sacred text
nobody had to believe what Hesiod’s work
Children of Chaos
-in the beginning there was only chaos (the abyss)
chaos: to yawn or gap, a place of opening or nothingness
-Gaea (earth) — a place
-tartarus (underworld) — a place
-eros (attraction) — a concept of sexuality (sexual reproduction)
force of sexual attraction
-“loveliest of all the immortals”
-mythic geography
olympus, middle,tartarus
-3 realms
-nyx and erebus (night and darkness)
features of chaos
get together and create radiance (aether) and day (hemera)
moerae (fate): only from nyx, how long you gonna live, how your life is gonna be like
nemesis (retribution): only from nyx, thing that comes and gets you if you misbehave
creation of physical shape
creation of temporal (time) shape
Creation of social shape
-moerae, nemesis, horae
-mother of all things
-asexual and sexual reproduction
-fertility personified
-she is literal earth and also a earth mother goddess
-things that come from her are anthropomorphic in form and temperament
-asexually: uranus (sky), mountains, pontus
-Sexually (with uranus) —> heros games (sacred marriage), unity of sky and earth
12 titans
-oceanus (ocean): physical feature and a god, fresh water river that surrounds the world
-tethys: sea goddess, wife of oceanus
they are the parents of all the rivers and gods that are connected to the rivers
-Phoebe: brilliant, shining, connected to prophecy,
-mnemosyne: memory
get together with zeus and create muses
-themis: law that is given, law that is settled
occupied delphi before apollo
gets together with zeus and create moerae and horse
-iapetus: atlas and prometheus
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-Cronus + rhea : parents or grandparents of the olympians
cyclopes (round eyes)
-not the cyclopes in Homer
-acts blacksmith for zeus
-they represent physical aspects of zeus’ realm
hecatonchires (100 handers)
-100 hand and 50 heads
-forces of nature
-sometimes she nice sometime she mean
-the things she's creating are things that are part of the earth
Hyperion children
-hyperion: he who goes above
-+Theia/Euryphaessa: sky powers
helius (sun god)
-falls in life with clymene (queen of Ethiopia)
-the folktale myth has a meaning behind it
selene (moon goddess)
-+endymion (human king)
gets permission from zeus to put him in eternal sleep
50 daughters
eos (dawn goddess)
-rosy fingered Dawn
-sky god (has wings)
-falls in love with a human being and asks god to give him eternal life but forgets to ask
for eternal youth so he gets old eventually she loses interest in him cuz he’s old
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