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John Harris

th Classics 102 Lecture February 10 Triune Deity • As moon goddess o Epithet: Phoebe “bright”, shining o Lunar cycle, menstrual cycle o Identified with  Selene • Cold, white, chaste  Hecate • Chthonian deity o Descendant of titans • Goddess of crossroads o Trivia: meeting place of three roads o Something magical can happen at crossroads • Associated with ghosts and underworld • Black magic • Fertility deity Artemis vs. Aphrodite • The Hippolytus of Euripides o Euripides gives us most classical plays, 17 still survive o Hippolytus  Chaste young man • Vows to never have sex, ever  Devoted to Artemis • Excludes Aphrodite  Despises Aphrodite • Aphrodite causes step mother, Phaedra, to fall for him (Hippolytus)  Phaedra tries to fight it  Phaedra confesses • Nurse gets Phaedra to reveal feelings to Hippolytus • Hippolytus is implored to have sex with his mother  Hippolytus rejects Phaedra • Phaedra commits suicide o “Only noble way out” • Leaves note o False claim of rape, blames Hippolytus  “Potiphar’s wife” motif  Theseus finds wife dead, note accusing own son  Theseus condemns own son  Hippolytus father: Theseus • Curses son o Hippolytus killed  “Bull from the sea” (Poseidon), Hippolytus caught up in the bulls  Theseus, son of Poseidon  Artemis appears • Tells Hippolytus that there will be cult • Cult in his honor • Virgins cut their hair and lament his death o Vengeance upon one of Aphrodite’s favourites, Adonis Apollo: God of… • Poetry o In origin (possibly) shepherd god o The Muses • Prophecy o At Delphi o Poetry and prophecy tied together, reciting poetry was gift from gods • Medicine o Destroyer and healer  Tied with idea of death  Archer god • Son: Asclepius
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