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Lecture 4

CMPUT 114 - Lecture 4 - References: Literals, Variables and Assignment(1)

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University of Alberta
Computing Science
Duane Szafron

CMPUT 114 – Lecture 4 – References: Literals, Variables and Assignment Referring to objects & values – In a written program, we can’t draw shapes so we need to have some notation for referring to objects and values called a reference Literals – There are different ways to reference objects & values in a program: ○ Literals ○ Variables – The simplest way is to use a literal in our code. – A literal refers to the same object or value at all times. – You can think of a literal as a nameplate that is automatically pre-bound to an object or value – Literals and values cannot be re-bound Literal Tokens – In general, a literal is recognized by the compiler and is immediately translated into a language value or object – Common literals in programming languages include characters, numbers, and strings Variables – Literals are somewhat restrictive because: ○ Some objects cannot be referred to using literals ○ Sometimes we may want to rebind our nameplates. – A variable is like a soft nameplate that may be attached to an object or value and may be re-attached to a different object or value in the future. – More than one variable can be attached to the same object or value at the same time Java: 4 Kinds or Variables – local variables (Inside a method) – static variables (sometimes called “class” variables) – message parameters (specified in the method params) – instance variables (specified outside in the class.) Variable Declarations – Every variable must be declared – The declarations syntax for each kind of variable is different – A declaration specifies: ○ The amount of memory to be allocated ○ How the data should be internally represented ○ How the data can be l
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