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Rochelle Skogen

EDSE 305 13122013 14700 PM Epistemology and Value OntologyEpistemologyTheories of knowledge Concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge Include reason memory perception introspection testimony and justified true beliefsOntologyA branch of metaphysics The study of the nature of being becoming existence or reality Platos PhilosophyIdeas are not only the real objects ontologically speaking But they are authentically objects of knowledge epistemologically speaking Ontological Dualismthere exist the sensible world and the intelligible world The sensible world has individual realities and is constantly changing The intelligible world is the world of the universal eternal and invisible realities called ideas They are not material temporal or space The intelligible world also contain ideas of rightness These include ideas of beauty multiplicity unity identity differences being etc Aesthetic Ideas Plato locates the Idea of Rightness on the highest position of that intelligible world Human behaviour depends on it and everything tends to it Education in Ancient AthensOverviewEducation was individualisticDesigned to shape character and produce good citizens Emphasis on well rounded citizens strong character and virtues Only the aristocratic citizens had access to education School was reserved for rich males Some schools were opened by Sophists wandering wise men They claimed to teach virtue general culture rhetoric and politics The education given to girls was limited to housekeeping knowledge Athenian EducationDivided into two branches training of the mind and training of the body Before the Persian Wars schooling was limited to Grammar Music and Gymnastics Music classes were highly prized because they were seen as teaching the values of rhythm harmony and balance and instil proper character for public involvement Elementary614Secondary1418 focus on gymnastics and physical training Over 18modified two year program for military training A pedagogue was a slave that was responsible for staying the male student until he was 15 Many religious festivals in February and March During the last few years of schooling education became more specific Poorer students focused on an occupation However wealthier students might complete two years of military service this was seen as the ideal route he might continue in gymnastics training or he might continue school at academies which were subject specific and taught advanced rhetoric skills After the Persian war education started to focus on inward philosophical reflection There was a shift towards learning to read and write instead of focus on gymnastics Sophists were sought out IdealistsAncient Greeks like Plato are known as Idealists Believe that education should stress development of the mind but also focus on things of lasting value Should be toward the search for true ideas Character development was important as was personal discipline and steadfast character Education should produce literate knowledgeable people but also good people as well Contextualizing Plato and Socrates Plato is attributed with writing down much of Socrates work Socrates was once called the smartest man in the world According to him mankind is ignorant as to how to conduct their lives virtuously Sensible Worldworld of individual realities It is constantly changing generating and destructing Intelligible Worldworld of the universal eternal and invisible realities They are immutable because they are not material temporal or spatial Sources of ideas include the Idea of Rightness Aesthetic Ideas etc The idea of rightness is the origin of the existence of everything because everything tends to it Platos Form of the Goodphilosophy is seen as a preparation for death Attachments must be gradually eliminated The Soulthe quality of the soul is seen through a persons actions The primary goal in life should be to rectify the quality of the soul When the soul is good it is because the social matrix within which it is found has provided it with the proper knowledge which will allow the person to ascend to the form of the good
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