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Importance of Being Earnest

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University of Alberta
Alison Rukavina

Pages in the ENGL 121 textbook to consider2224 Divorcesone made in Heaven cynicism 22262227 Bunburying split identity 2230 Earnest power of name everyone lies 2232 Jack and Lady Bracknell social mobility and hypocrisy and fear of the upper classesThe Importance of Being EarnestJackEarnest and Algernon both embody the aesthetic periodThey are also both very cynical about love society and everything else in the Victorian ageAll of the characters are subconsciously aware of the hypocrisy of the age The ideals of the age can not be achievedpg 2224 ENGL textbook Algernon is cynical about the romance of marriage Divorce is described as being made in heavenAlgernon and JackEarnest realize that love is destroyed by marriage It is a trap that forces men to be a certain kind of personGwendolyn likes the name Earnest because she thinks that someone named Earnest will be earnest Ironically he isntSplit between Jack and Earnest shows the gap between public and private Gwendolyns cynicism is about being trapped She wants to be in a relationship where she will have some sayMarriage forces people into roles that she does not want to playMen also tries to find a way to escape th
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