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Natalie Dear

September 7 , 2012 ENG 325 Brief History of England: Before Medieval Era - 500 BCE – “Iron Age” – fair bit of contact between England and the continent (1 million pop.) nd - 2 century BCE – roman influence/trade increases and romans conquer Britain in 43 BCE o They set up administrative structure and called Britain  Britania o Water systems were built along with sewage systems, education, Christianity (Roman Catholicism) - Soon in Britain came the Saxon invaders  Rome won’t help because they needed their knights to fight off people coming into Rome - English: refers to the Germanic invaders - British: refers to the British Isles - Monastic culture begins to thrive  abbey’s were made and lots of writing in this time period (up until the 9 century) th - 10 century  Viking raids stop and they marry into the English - Battle of Hastings  now England is under a French leader - Hierarchy: King  Nobles  Knights  Peasants - Battle over Normandy and England th - Lots of literature written in the 12 century - 1215 – The Magna Carta: outlined the power of the king th - 4 lattering council  o body and blood thought of as true o marriage is sacred o no sex for priests o clergy has to be knowledgeable to educate the population and spread the word of God o communion once a year - 13 century  literary genres o Exemplum – short story (il
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