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Mid Way Review

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Ruth Dyck Fehderau

ŷ V [ Z`Wb Wc [XS^ SV _`[^ ZU^WS` ZYSZ[`W^`[SW_WZ_W[X`Wc[^V !`S_Z[` ZY`[V[ c ``W^ WZ`# ` _S\^[VaU`[X`W SY ZS` [Z &S`` _\^[UW__^WbWS_ _cS` cWZWWVW`[TW&W^ WZ`S (W V_SZV V)_ ` _bW^_`^[ZYWb VWZUW[X` _ SUZ[_W`SW_S VS ``WXa^`W^ W^W _Z)`WbWZSU V Z V)_ ` Va`_S^W c^ ` ZY`[[`W^SVa`_ Z[^VW^`[X ZVcS_`[V _`^ Ta`W`W ZX[^S` [Z Z^WYS^V_ `[cS`cW,SVa`_-cSZ`[`W^SVa`_`[TWU[W#V^WZV[Z[`SbWSUUW__`[ `W^S`a^WaZ` `S_\S__WV`^[aY`WSZV_[XSVa`_Va`_U[Z`^[`W V _`^ Ta` [ZSZVSUUW__`[ `W^S`a^W&WS_[U[Z`^[SZYaSYWSU]a _ ` [ZSZV `W^WX[^W_S\W`W VW[[Y W_[X[c V_aZVW^_`SZVSZVU[ZUW\`aS (W `W_WbW_ [aUSa`\[ Z`_[a`S__ bWV _U \ ZS^_`^aU`a^W_c ` Z[a^_[U W`0`S`SW a\[a^Ua`a^W1WU[\S^W_\^ _[Z_0_U[[_0[_\ `S_0SZVSZ[X[a^ Z_` `a` [Z_ c U`WZU^WS`WSV _U \ ZS^_[U W`W\^ S^Y[S[X Z_` `a` [Z_ _`[ \W^\W`aS`W `_WXW^WS_[Z_X[^TWU[ ZYSZ Z_` `a` [ZTWU[W_WU[ZVS^`[ _a^b bS[XUa^^WZ`_[U S VW[[Y W__\WU`_[X`W_ X`_`S`cW^W Z`WZVWVX[^ aSZ `S^ SZ^WS_[Z_,Z[[^W`[`a^W-`WS ZV^ bW_S^W^WSWU[Z[ U0 2aV U [a_0\[ ` US0SZ_U WZ` X UW_W` ZY_S^WV^ b ZY`WY[S_[X Z_` `a` [Z_ aU[^W`SZaSZ `S^ SZY[S_ _U \ ZS^US^WW^_S^WXaZVSWZ`SST[a` \^[`WU` ZY`WS__W_0`W VVWUS__SZV `)_bSaW_[` ZYaSZ `S^ SZST[a` `4W^W _W__WZ` SZ[Z\SZ[\` U Z_` `a` [Z_ Z_[U W`&WU^WS`WU^ W TWUSa_W[a^V _U \ ZS^_[U W`ZWWV_ ``[XaZU` [Z & `[a`U^ W`W^Wc[aVTW Z[a_W[^ZWWV[XUS^WW^__aUS_\[ UWSZV_[[Z ZZ[UWZUWcWZ[c`S` V_S^WZ[` ZZ[UWZ`!X V_cW^W^WS ZZ[UWZ`SZV SZYW U0cWc[aVSbWZ[ZWWVX[^V _U \ ZS^WS_a^W_&W[[TSU`[ U V[[V`[ VWS (WU V[[VSZV`W ZZ[UWZUW[XU V[[V `W^ ZZ[UWZUW _` WV Z`[`W[`W^ !XcW_S`S`U V^WZS^W ZZ[UWZ`SZV _ \WU[\S^WV`[`WWU` USZVUS[` U bW_[XSVa`[[V &W[[TSUX[ZV [Z[a^U V[[V U[Z[V _U \ ZS^US^WW^_U^WS`WV`[\W^\W`aS`W` _U[ZUW\` [Z[X ZZ[UWZUW !Z_ _`WZUW`S`U V^WZS^WXaZVSWZ`S ZZ[UWZ` &W`SWU[Z`^[[XU V^WZS_ cWVWU VWSZVU[Z`^[`WX[c[X ZX[^S` [ZSZV`W5`^a`6 WUSZ_[XU[Z`^[]aW_` [Z_[X\[cW^ __[[ZS_[aSbWSZ ZZ[UWZ`U V0 SVa`_S^W2a_` X WV ZW7W^` ZY\[cW^ &WTW WbW Z[a^U[Z`^[SZV\[cW^`S`cW _` WZSTWSZVWZU[a^SYW\_ USS__Sa`SYS Z_`U V^WZS_SV _U \ ZS^SZV U[^^WU` bWTWSb [^ &WW_`ST _U V^WZS_`W[`W^Ta`S_[W_`ST _[a^_WbW_ S__a\W^ [^SZVV[ ZSZ` STaSbS_SSTSZ_S`WZWcS`[[\\^W__`W[`W^cWS__[U S`W`WS_5S TSZ_S`W6 &WUSZ[VU V^WZ Z`[`WTW ZY_`S`cWcSZ``W`[TW!` _[a^ 2[T`[ Z_`^aU`0`WSU0`[U^WS`W`W[\` SSVa`_#S__ bW \ US` [Z_X[^US ZY [^S__[U S` ZYU V^WZ[^c[WZS_SZYW U#`WS^WV XXW^WZ`X^[SVa`_ Z`W _SWcS`S``WSZYW Z`W[WcW^WWS^WWSZ``[_a\\[^`SZVW\5a_6 `[VWX ZW[a^_WbW_[W` ZY`S`YW`_a_WV`[VWX ZW`W_WbW_ _ _cS`[a^ XS _8[aUSZZ[`^W[bW\S^WZ`[[VX^[U V[[V ÑWÊU ^UaS^ 1S^Vc[^0Z[`TSV`[TWSS^Vc[^ ZY VVWUS__SZ ZZW[X^WWZSTW_Ê ZWS^0Ta V ZY VWZ` `S^Z_`W` `WSZV^ Y``[ 5[W6 aXX^SYW` W_0c^ ` ZYX[^c[WZ)_^ Y`_c W_[c ZY`S``WS^W _S^`Ta`S
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