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Lecture 6

ENGL122 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Young Goodman Brown, Pink Ribbon, Public Morality

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Anna Wittmann

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Young Goodman Brown
By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Setting: English street, forest thick with trees, night, sunset, Salem New England
Atmosphere: lonely, unforgiving, confusing, forest=subconscious
- Faith (wife): goodness
- Goodman Brown: Goodwilled (ish)
- Snake staff: Serpent, evil
- Wind: Distant, church-bell
- Uncoverted wilderness: dark place rock on fire
- “Depending upon one another hearts, ye had hoped that virtue were not all a dream” (pg
21 line 67-68)
- “Evil is the nature of mankind”
- “Welcome to the communion of your race (of black sabbath)
** Goodman Brown dreams of the devil and his life is transformed. He can no longer
regard himself as pious or good**
**The fashion of both good and evil in everyone**
- Everyone has a dark side (must trust our neighbours or we will be in a dark place.
- His name is “Brown” because it’s common, indistinguishable. “Young” = innocent,
**Goodman Brown is not as “good” as he appears. He is curious about the devil, stranger and
him are similar “father and son” He already had plans and kept covenant by meeting. But at the
same time he is naïve (has delusions, journey taken in innocence and completed in knowledge.
*Nothing more frightful than Goodman Brown, the devil lies within the person.**
- Faith’s pink ribbon (innocence, gone hanging on a tree branch)
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