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th March 19 2014 Intro • Suburbanization of CND (last set of notes) • Gendered Housing (con’t) • Experts Weigh In • Ad-Men Weigh In • The Cold War • CND and the Cold War Gender and Housing Couples are marrying at a younger age which gives them a larger reproductive window and thus are having more children. It is becoming more common that women are beginning to grow up with the dream of being a mom, in addition to fewer women choosing to not have children. During the recession it was common that couples would forgo having children because they didn’t know what type of world would exist for them to live in. There is also an increase in women’s home based responsibilities as the new standard is the nuclear home whereas many of these women grew up on multigenerational homes where and aunt, mother grandmother or cousin was also at home and would share in the work load. In addition there are few services in these new neighborhoods, public transportation having not been as fast to build as the homes were. This creates a community of isolated women as most families had only one car that the husband would take to work in the morning. As a result many women reported depression, feelings of isolation and boredom. As a result some women being to form community groups which lead to a gender consciousness taking place, the same way a workers consciousness took place before. Experts Weigh In So called experts like Dr. B. Spock and A. Kinsey, frequently issued seculars sermons which were presented as the celebration of the female nature which stressed the unique qualities of mothering and nurturing of the woman within the private sphere. Some [people bought this and some didn’t. Conveniently women’s ability to take on a broad range of public duties during the War and Depression was forgotten and dismissed as an aberration of the ‘natural way’. This it should be noted is mostly white middle class story, many working class families still took in boarders; have female family members working as domestics or in shops. Sociologists and psychiatrist also propagated this view based on an argument that anatomy was destiny and women and men were different but compatible and equal in society. This was because women were better at the expressive functions of mediating and nurturing while men were more instrumental in function so struggle and leadership. Advertising also helped to reinforce these gender roles. The Cold War Igor Gouzenko Affair Igor Gouzenko was a Russian cipher operator and in 1945 he took information proving that CND civil servants were passing on information to the USSR to the embassy in Ottawa, but because the embassy was closed he took the information to a CND newspaper. When King found out he wanted to confront the Soviets but on the advice of President Truman and PM Atlee he instead sat on it in order to avoid a public confrontation wi
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