MUSIC101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Duple Coachbuilders, Chromatic Scale, Semitone

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25 Jan 2018
More Materials of Music
Organizing Pitch and Rhythm
Duration -> Rhythm
- How long sounds last
- Duration and combinations of durations in patterns are the basis of rhythm
- Basic terms for rhythm
o Beat
o Accent
o Tempo
o Meter
- If rhythm refers to the durational element in music, then all music has rhythm
- “oeties, it’s the predoiat eleet; soeties its just oe fator aog ay
o Sometimes its almost the only element
- Most music also has a beat a regular recurrence of pulses
- Sometimes pronounced and sometimes subtle
- Sometimes rigid and sometimes flexible
- Music without rhythm of some sort
- Beat tends to draw us to music
- Given a series of beats some will usually stand out from others
- How do we know where a beat it? This is where accents come into play
- To accent a beat is to make it stand out
- This can occur in several ways
o Dynamic accent
A note is louder for emphasis
o Pitch accent
o Durational accent
Lengthening a pitch
- May form recurrent patterns or may be irregular
- The rate at which beats occur
o The “peed of a piee or passage
- As with dynamic, conventional terms for tempo are relative (Italian)
o Adagio slow
o Andante slow but not too slow (walking)
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