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University of Alberta
Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute

Cell Death 1. What are the many different causes of cell death? 2. What is considered to be an appropriate cell death? 3. ________ results from the changes in a cell due to reversible injury. 4. What is common route for any cell death? 5. What is glutamate induced neuronal death? Which isAKA? 6. What is reactive oxygen species? 7. What is Hypoglycemia? 8. What are the some free radicals? 9. What kind of cascade of events does it lead to when free radicals attack a cell? 10. Necrosis? It is characterized by dysregulation of ion homeostasis causing? What does proteases enzyme does? 11. Why necrosis is called messy cell death? 12. During death process, _______ clumps and nuclear membrane is disrupted.And _______ and _____ stops. 13. Whether a cell undergoes apoptosis or necrosis is determined primarily by the ________ and/ or __________ of the _________ stimulus. 14. If a stimulus is severe or sustained it will induce __________ 15. If stimulus less severe or transient it will induce ___________ 16. Who is cathepsin? What does it do? 17. Apoptosis isAKA? Does apoptosis occur in both appropriate and inappropriate cell death? (y/n) 18. What are the
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