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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Jan 30Turn Of The Century Social Reform Part 1 y 1754HBC employee Anthony henday enters the boot camp and ran the fur trade y Henday was teh first guy HBC sent out west y 1770s establishment of teh cumberson house HBC had title to Ruperts Land y By the 1770s and 1780s the fur trade began to push west This was due to competition from other fur trading companies like the north west company y 17671820 Alex Mackenzie who was a explorer and fur trader began his exploration in the artic ocean However he was looking for the pacific ocean y In 1792 Mackenzie departed from fort chipewan and travelled into the smokey area intot he rockies They travelled into the pacific ocean and beat the Americans y Americans didnt cross the continent until 1805 y One of the big reasons the fur trade pushed west was due to the demographic issue There was small pox issues which decimated the population There was elimination of the middle man so there was more individual profit generated y 1849Fort Edmonton was established as a trade post in the westy Rocky mountain house was built in 1799 and was another psot in the west y in the 1850s the beaver population was almost extinct and the fur trade was on the decline Beaver fur drove the fur trade y tastes by the mid 1800s had changed and beaver fur wasnt as
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