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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

March 5Wheat and 1920s Canadian WestWhen Wheat Was KingRise agricultural economy based on private ownership and familyrun farms1896 126 million acres were sown in wheat 1914 10 million acres were sown in wheat19161929 40of global wheat was produced in CanadaCanada was the breadbasket of the worldWhat accounts for the growthGovt sponsored programs experimental farms public works projects advances in tech and infrastructureEx Charles Saunders Marquis WheatDid plant breeding red fife and hard red Calcutta1918 20 million acres from South Nebraska to North SaskatchewanEvery single wheat variety has been traced back to the original wheat marquisGovt science converts the landscape in other ways parks elk island wood buffalo prince Albert and riding mountainGeological survey of Canada support for infant petroleum and mining industries natural gasmedicine hat in 1904 turner valley in 1910Parks were made to protect the landscapes and wildlifeGovt scientists also found coal deposits and petroleum reservesWhen the national park acts passed in 1930 the land transfers act followed and this allowed provinces to keep money that they made off of their natural resourcesUrbanization Of The West
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