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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

April 11Massacres Protest and Money Canada and the Post War OlympicsEarly GamesCanada wasnt involved in the first modern summer Olympics in 1896Early games were first instituted by Baron Pierre De CoubertinMuscular Christianity was prominent this was manliness and morality thru competitive sportThere was popularity of greek myth among industrial middle classes in the 18501900At that time the Olympics werent as popular as they are todayToday Olympics are national event and millions of dollars are spent on improving athlete performanceCanada has been sending athletes to the Olympics for over a century nowAncient Greeks had a bond to god like OlympiansThe Olympics were a religious festivalGreek culture and mythology was seen as interesting in the westFirst games was a 2 day eventCricket rowing athletics were done at these Olympics in 1844Olympicwas a commonplace word for a wide variety of festivals from sports to beer gardensFirst modern OG were held in Athens in 1896There were 13 countries and 311 male athletesFor this OG an IOC was established with 14 membersThese 1896 games were successfulCanada didnt send any athletes to Athens because international competition was beyond the capabilities of amateur athletic organizations
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