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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Wendy Doughty

Oct 30 – PERLS 335 Assumptions • 2 co chairs (CEO and president) • 7 executives • 1 wish granting, 1 legal professional, fundraising, special events, volunteer recruit/volunteer trainer • 25 wishes a month x 12 months = 300 wishes per year • 10,000 per wish on average • 2 events a year • They are established so it should be easy to raise the funds • Each wish granter has a team of 7 Presiden CEO t Wish Wish Special Fundraisi Volunteer Profession Finances grantin grantin event ng exec recruiter al support Officer g g Tickets + executive training Set-up/takedown corporate sponsors medical pro’s, web design, public relations legal assistants, media relations, social networking, photos Parking,greeters Auction items Orientation, training (especially with granters), support recognition 7 7 budget, slush fund, portfolios Matching Volunteers Request a resume Asking them what they do Ask them what experience they have had Rejecting Volunteers • Sometimes volunteers wont be suitable for the positions • Before we turn them away, see if there is another role for them. • Involve supervisors in volunteer interviews • Check references for volunteers • We want to be assured that the volunteer can do what they claim they can do • Read chapter 6, as on our final, we will have to talk about interview process, write interview questions. Develop position decriptions for 2 positions that we pull from our volunteer chart. What method of recruitment we will use. We need to explain where we will find these individu
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