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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Wendy Doughty

PERLS 335 – oct 2 Why are policies important? • State a principle, a value, a belief • Provide a framework for action, sometimes including specific steps, procedures, methods • Protect the interests of various parties • Define a boundary and define liability Functions of Policies Policies as.. • Risk management • Values and belief statements • Rules • Program improvement tools Levels of policy Policy set by board -> Policy set by CEO and staff -> Procedures to interpet policy How to write policies • Be concise • Be clear • Be directive • Round the edges • Illustrate Benefits of Volunteers to Organization • Performs healthy behaviours • Participates in a fulfilling leisure experience • Helps program to be more cost effective • Increases knowledge and develops skills • Volunteer involvement • Diffuses health information • Contributes to health of community • Effects change though input as a resource • Multiplies reach of program Drawbacks of Volunteers to Organization • Increases liabilities • Puts extra demands on staff • Replaces paid work • Volunteer involvement • Is resource intensive • Causes “turf” problems • Creates union problems Marketing your opportunity to Volunteers.. winning against the competition Using Marketing Theory to Recruit Volunteers Five key principles of marketing 1.) Product -What are you offering? 2.) Publics – who are you targeting? 3.) Price – what is the cost vs. Benefit?
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