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Sept 12 – Norm & Criterion Referenced Standards To make evaluative statements, we need a reference perspective Norm Referenced Standards • Score is compared against the scores of other people • The characteristics of the Reference group upon which the norm was established must be known! • “Reference group” must have similar characteristics to the group being tested, otherwise we may make invalid inferences with our evaluative statement • All sports are norm referenced tests • Note page 55 in text about interpolation • Sports are a norm referenced test, not a criterion referenced test, because we want to limit the number of competitors. The more players, the more expensive an event will be. • A disadvantage is that the athletes may all miss the mark • Percentiles represent how many people got what • Get2 numbers, get the range. Then find the bandwidth of the other 2 numbers. What is the percentile rank for a verbal ability using a score of 410. There will be a question on the midterm about interpolation! If you The absolute score is the same, the relative score is different Class Height Example If you don’t have all the raw scores of the subjects of the variable of interest, you cannot compute the mathematical average. If you cannot get the mathematical average, you cannot get the mean Q: here is a data set. Which measure of central tendency should we use to best represent this data? (Only 3 measures of central tendency) If there is an example where there isn’t a raw score, then you can’t use mean Once you make norm referenced comparisons, you need to know about the
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