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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

November 3 Thermoregulation4 evaporation y our bodies will cool only if sweat changes from a liquid phase to a gas phase y in order for a liquid to evaporate the kinetic energy of the liquid must be increased to overcome the attractive forces between molecules within the liquid think of boiling water y thus sweat formed on the skin must evaporate liquid to vapour on the skin to release heat which in turn cools the skin and therefore cools the blood in the dilated venous vessels under the skin that circulates back through the body to reduce core temp y for ever liter of sweat effectively evaporated the body can lose kcals of heatEvaporation y if the sweat cannot evaporate on the surface of the skin and merely drips away from the body then little effective evaporative cooling takes place y also exerciseactivity in an environment that is too humid limits the effectiveness of evaporation y even relatively cool ambient temperature but high humidity can decrease evaporationExercise In The HeatSequence of Physiological Events y Exerciseinduced heat stressenvironmental heat stress y Increased thermoregulation response as core temp rises y General vasodilation in periphery y Sweatingconscious acts y Heat exchange also occurring due convectionconductionradiation y Initial stabilization of elevated core temperature y If exercise continues core temp may continue to rise y Further vasodilationsweating y Cardiovascular drift dehydration electrolyte depletion y Reduction or cessation of sweating y Further rise in core temp y Heat stress exhaustion stroke possibly death Cardiovascular Drift y Gradual increase in HR during prolonged exercise especially in the heat even with no change in exercise intensity Why y BV is reduced with dehydreation
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