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Cardiovascular System

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Oct 20 Cardiovascular CV Response to Exercise Anticipatory Response y Prior to an exercise stress there is an increase in Q HR and SV and also increase in VEy Due to a decrease in PS stimulation but there is also an increase in sympathetic drivey There is also an increase in catecholamine EPNE from adrenal medulla release into circulation that increase cardiac outputy Memorize these responses to exercisey As work increases heart increases linearlyy There is a linear response with HR and power output in submaximal exercisey CO increases with a linear response to submaximal exercisey At maximal exercise everything will plateauy Note that diastolic BP can actually slightly dring submax exercise due to large decrease in tPR Submaximal Exercise y HR increases to a steady state y SV increases but maxs out at 4060 of VO2 max y Untrained male SV max100120 y Trained male SVmax160180 mlbeat y Elite trained endurance200 mlbeat is possible y Female SVmax slightly lower 80100 mlbeat in untrained 120130 mlbeat in trained y Thus Q increases with each increase in submaximal PO y Increase in blood shunt to working muscles less blood shunted to nonworking nonessentail tissues y Increase in systolic BP and only a slight change in diastolic BP
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