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Cardio-Respiratory Exercise Physiology

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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Oct 25CardioRespiratory Exercise Physiology Pulmonary System Anaerobic ThresholdChapter 9 Part 1 pages 266274 and Part 4 pages 287291Chapter 6 pages 186188Cardiovascular System VO2maxChapter 10Chapter 6 pages 192Gas Exchange Arterial HypoxemiaChapter 9 Part 2 and 3 pages 276286 Ventilation Basics y Functions supply O2 remove CO2 regulate acidbase balanceMechanics Of VentilationInspiration I y Vi occurs through an increase of the thoracic cavity due to 1 contraction of the diaphragm downward and 2 support musculature up and out ex Intercostals y And due to a drop in intrapulmoinc pressure y During exercise the scalene and external intercostals assist through lifting and rotating the rib cageExpiration y Due to relaxation of diaphragm up and support musculature down and in y Passive recoil of lung and related tissues y Intrapulmonic pressure increases y During exercise the internal intercostals and abdominals assist a lot See fig 94 pg 270 Residual Lung Volume Volume in lungs after maximum expiration
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