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Physical Education and Sport
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Pierre Baudin

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Jan 20Forces y COM and COG is the same thing Elastic Forces y When a body is deformed the internal force causing the body to return to its original state is termed an elastic force If the body is in contact with another body there is an external reaction forceFriction Force y When one body slides over the surface of another its motion is resisted by an external contact force This resistive force is friction y Friction is a force created when 2 bodies slide of tend to slide past each other y This force acts tangential to the point or points of contact of the 2 bodies and opposes the motion or impending motion y Friction depends on the texture of both surfaces y The maximum friction force between A and the ground is less than that between B and the ground y Note experiment 14 in textbook y Before something slides static friction occurs y Friction depends on forces pressing the surfaces together normal or perpendic
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