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Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

Feb 4 – Other Types of Values Authority • Values we take or which become expected of us by someone who has power over us (or who is or claims to be an expert) • Authority is important in player coach relationships, GM coach relationships. • Theoretically, judy is our authority on ethics. • Neutral – ex. You need to register on time for classes. • Coincide – ex. A coach expects players not to violently retaliate • Conflict – students ability to speak freely is stopped when teacher starts talking. When a coach would say, if you want to win, take out the opponent by slashing his knees. Prudence • Acting for ones own self interest • It is the question of Instrumentality. • Neutral – sometimes acting in your own self interest in neutral. • Coincide – sometimes what is good for others is also good for us • Conflict – sometimes acting prudentially will cause us to put our self interest before others. Q: although one is always part of any moral situation in which one must act or judge and it is sometimes correct to say that what is good for in this instance is ethically good, is it correct to say that what is good for me is the same as what is ethically
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