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April 12 - rights to PA.doc

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Judy Davidson

April 12 – Rights to Physical Activity and Issues of Resource Distribution Rights to Physical Activity • the right to benefit from physical activity • basic benefits ... Some examples of basic benefits are opportunities to play sport, the right to play, health and wellness, fun • Scarce benefits cant be given to everyone. How should resources be allocated so many people can get scarce benefits?. Some example of scarce benefits are well resources workout centers, specialized equipment, opportunity to compete against others, coaches and volunteers Basic Benefits • health and well-being • fitness • skills • fun • competition • social interaction • facilities Scarce benefits • Fame • Wealth/money • Travel • Professional expertise • Facilities • Unlimited choices of activities Negative or positive rights to benefit? • Negative right: is the right to be left alone – imposes obligation on others to refrain from interfering Positive Right • Is the right to at least minimally decent level of human existence – imposes obligations to provide (ex. Everyone should do 60 mins of PA each day) Delivery of Positive Rights • Medicare model – no compulsion by those with the rights to use what is provided • Education model – compulsion by those with rights to use what is provided. (ex. Until you are 16, you must go to school) Depending on which model, we still need to decide which is the best way to provide basic benefits Distributive Justice • If things are disproportionately given out, how do we justify this? • How are basic benefits of physical activity most fairly distributed? Distribute resources according to: • Merit • Need
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