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Angela Brkich

ISLAM how does it relate to Christianity/Judaism? - YOUNGEST of the big three "monotheistic" religions - 2nd LARGEST (behind Christianity) - 1.7 Billion Muslims (2 Billion Christians half catholic half protestant) - despite being new, it is second largest religion in the world and the fastest growing religion - about 60% of the total Muslim population lives in Asia, with less than 20% living in the Middle East! - biggest muslim populations, in order: indonesia, pakistan, india, bangladesh. majority population in 50- 60 countries. - persian gulf states tend to practice the most conservative forms of Islam. ● so the relatively small group: 20%, is speaking for the 80% because of their wealth and fundamentalism. SHAHADA: "There is no god but God (Allah), and Muhammad is his prophet." ISLAM literally means "Submission" a Muslim is "one who submits" - like Christianity, Islam is a religion of conversion. Islam and Christianity are the two big conversion religions. - SHAHADA, like the Judaism's SHEMA, is a thumbnail statement about what it is to be Muslim. Note how much more simple SHAHADA is compared to NICENE CREED. - Muhammad is utterly human, and he is the LAST PROPHET of God. JESUS AND MUHAMMAD, NOT A FAITHFUL COMPARISON. - ISLAM IS GENERALLY RATHER SIMPLE. - ISLAM means submission, submission to God who is to be loved and feared and worshipped. - makes extensive use of the mythologies of Judaism and Christianity. - Jesus may be understood to be an important figure in Islam, but for Muslims, he is simply a prophet, NOT THE SON OF GOD. - ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE: ONE GOD. - JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND ISLAM are all claiming one deity, but they all have very different conceptions of that deity. ISLAM'S SELF CONCEPTION - it is that there has always been and will always be one God. ~ Allah means "THE GOD" - Ascribed a series of 99 names to describe this personality (The Merciful, The Just, The Compassionate, etc.) - Prophets include ADAM, NOAH, ABRAHAM, MOSES, JESUS, and MUHAMMAD - Muhammad is the final and definitive prophet. - Islam has absorbed as prophets some of the key figures of more established religions and reinterpeted them in their own way. The way Allah is to be worshipped was taught to Adam in the garden, for example. So Islam is the first the religion. - Moses' message from God was good and true but it was specific to that time period for those people. Same with Jesus. Moses has the Tanakh. Jesus has the New Testament. They are historically problematic and specific though—and as such, they are incomplete books. - for Muslim's it is their book, THE QUR'AN, that is considered COMPLETE, UNIVERSAL, & FREE FROM HUMAN ERROR - MUHAMMAD IS NOT DIVINE or a god or the son of God or any of that. - He is utterly human, but a PERFECT HUMAN. A model for all muslims. As such, he is final prophet. - better relation to christianity would be more like the Qur'an is Jesus and Muhammad is Paul. - Muhammad is the FINAL and DEFINITIVE prophet. - Muhammad eclipses every other revalation before and every revalation after. - basic statement of faith reflects that. SACRED / MYTHIC HISTORY - Allah made the world out of NOTHING - different adam/eve creation story from bible - theological explanation: for why Qur'an is correct and others are not: the Tanakh and New Testament are bad copies, they were corrupted. the Qur'an is the original because God handed it directly to Muhammad and it's been preserved perfectly. - historical explantion: Muhammad was a caravan driver and heard many versions of Adam and Eve story, so the Qur'an one is different. Muhammad may have picked a different one or made one of his own bent. - Some Qur'an passages are argued by certain muslim theologians to be consistent with evolution - in Qur'an version, no day of rest. Allah is all powerful, doesn't need break. - Adam and Eve made from earth, water, and blood at the same time. They were created to be Muslim. - the whole world is actually muslim, but since humans are conscious, we are the only ones who can choose whether or not to follow God. - Allah created Adam & Eve to be superior to the angels. All the Angels submit to Adam & Eve except one: IBLIS or SHATAN / SATAN - Iblis convinces Adam and Eve to eat
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