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Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES, LECTURE NOTES, OCTOBER 30 2012 MODERN CHRISTIANITIES - You have three major Christianities in Europe now: Orthodox (East), Roman Catholic (South West), and Protestant (north) - COLONIALISM and the "discovery" of the Africa, India, and N&S America brought Christianity around the world. - you want the folks your country colonizes to take the same religion of your country so England would be sending Protestant missionaries to its colonies and Spain would be sending Catholic missionaries to its colonies, etc. - Check out a movie called Black Robe, canadian movie about early missionaries. - Christianity became the dominant religion in many of these places. - At the same time as everyone in the colonies were being converted, Europeans themselves were beginning to be less religious during the ENLIGHTENMENT. - ENLIGHTENMENT also allowed for more freedom of religion as well now that some people were protestant and some were catholic and that wasn't going to change, people had to move beyond that. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE since religion was becoming more of a private matter and less a political position. SOCIAL GOSPEL MOVEMENTS arose that focused on social justice, welfare, healthcare, social safety net, etc. ie. Tommy Douglas. Secular flavour to Christianity. EVANGELICALISM & FUNDAMENTALISM - others took the opposite approach to this secular flavouried social gospel. These movements were very reactionary. - Evangelical movement had a heavy protestant & conservative bent toward personal salvation and the inscrutability of the bible. Very outspoken about your religion. "separate from the world" - Fundamentalism grew out of Evangelicalism. You have to DEFEND Evangelicalism, it must be IMPOSED on people. ie. evangelicalism blesses their food in mcdonalds. fundamentalism wants everyone to bless their food at mcdonalds, imposes it. - rejection of evolution, of women's rights, of homosexuality. - heavy emphasis on the second coming of Jesus. - pulling back from the separation of church and states. - only around the time of the enlightenment did you have something happening where you need the word "RELIGION" because there began to be things that were NOT religion (ie. politics, etc). This separation or need for the word religion still hasn't taken hold in some parts of the world. CATHOLICISM & VATICAN II - Enlightenment ideals were largely Protestant but Catholicism wasn't immune to these changes in world view. They had to respond and adapt. - 1962-1965 - aimed at dealing with these ideological oppositions but also to revitalize the congregants since most catholics were rather apathetic and bored. CHANGES: ● Mass in the vernacular, not just Latin. ● Stopped condemning non-Catholic religions to hell. ● Less centralized. Local diocese could more reflect the mindset of the local parish/people. ● some were upset by the changes, many were upset that more wasn't changed (like ordination of women). ● the upset people who broke away after vatican II are called TRADITIONALIST CATHOLICS. PRACTICES SACRAMENTS (CATHOLIC & *PROTESTANT): 1. BAPTISM* (full immersion or not) 2. EUCHARIST* (transubstantiation or not) 3. CONFESSION 4. ORDINATION 5. CONFIRMATION 6. ANOINTING OF THE SICK 7. MARRIAGE BAPTISM - ritual death and resurrection or rebirth of a believer EUCHARIST - bread and wine/juice representing body and blood of Christ. Most protestants don't believe in transubstantiation. CONFESSION - also called pentance or reconciliation - in Catholicism you go to a priest, tell them what you did wrong, and they offer you some form of absolution you have execute (deeds, prayers, light some candles, some more serious atonement. in the Middle Ages: self flagulation). the priest isn't given you forgiveness, you are being offered guidance to how God wants you to earn forgiveness - in Orthodox,
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