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Angela Brkich

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 101B Lecture Notes January 29 SIKH TRADITIONS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------------------------------ \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ------------------------------ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Approx 25 million Sikhs worldwide. most know very little about sikhs. most think of them as muslim or hindu. often treated as an afterthought in indian religious. Sikhs constantly have to define and redefine who they are because of their religious geography, emerging in an area that is muslim, hindu, jainist; persian, arabic, sanskrit. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN STUDYING MORE MODERN GROUPS AND STUDYING MORE ANCIENT TRADITIONS. when it is more modern, you can be sure about a lot more things. it is easier to trace development of modern traditions. more is written down and preserved. easier to pin point specific events. SIKH means "disciple" God is called AKAL PURAKH. SIKHS are disciples of God or AKAL PURAKH There were 10 GURUS instated in a chain from Guru Nanakh Primary scripture is ADI GRANTH GURU NANAK - not part of any type of brahmin class. he was in merchant class. - received hindu upbringing but had considerable exposure to muslim traditions and law. the area he was born (punjab) was controlled by muslims. - Adi Granth tells us a great deal about Nanak's teaching but very little about his life. What we do know about his life comes from the "Birth Narratives." - Nanak's life can be divided into three phases 1. contemplative period 2. mystic enlightenment, pilgrimage and debate 3. sikh community building apparently he was always of a contemplative mind. father realized he would never be an accountant so he sent him out to be a cowherd so he could think. he spent much time in devotional singing. when he was 30, after bathing in the river, Nanak disappeared. three days later, he emerged. when he emerged, he taught a new vision of common humanity: NO HINDU NO MUSLIM NO CASTE this was very heretical. and there were conflicts in this area between hindu and muslim and they didn't want that kind of debasement of their causes. second phase: he begins on his own travels to give voice to the word of god. leaves family behind (common theme) and starts encountering a variety of leaders and engaging people in debate. teh purpose for this was to test the veracity of his own beliefs. he would teach and sing hymns whereever he went. he wore a mix of garb from both islam and hindu third phase: he starts village of Kartarpur and won a bunch of followers who went there. the first followers were called the NANAK PANTH. his way was thought of as more rational based on human behaviour and based on divine authority. it was believed he had direct access to god. he was DIVINELY COMMISIONED. NANAK'S TEACHING a) god as the sole reality b) though we are trapped in cycles of rebirth, the way to the unity with god would come from listneing to the guru and individuals would recieve gods grace and favour. what he was essentially teaching was how to discipline and prepare their hearts. they didn this through: c) meditating on GOD'S NAME and d) KIRTAN*remember this, devotional singing of hymns. Nanak taught a unique message with familiar paradigms, encrypting his teaching in the language and framework of the religion he was reaching out to. The ideal person is the GURMUKH (one oriented towards the Guru) who practices the three-fold discipline: 1. the NAM (the divine) 2. the DAN (the society) 3. the ISHNAN (the self) NAM DAN ISHNAN three key institutions executed this THE SANGAT (fellowship) THE DHARAMSALA (place of worship) THE LANGAR (communal meal
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