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Dr. Fairen - Religious Studies Theories and Methods 25

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University of Alberta
Religious Studies
Glen Fairen

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 200 TALAL ASAD CRITIQUE OF CLIFFORD GEERTZ A nice segue from classical and modern theorists and into post modern and post colonial stances. "My argument is that there cannot be a universal definition of religion, not only because its constituent elements and relationships are historical specific, but because that definition is itself the historical product of discursive processes." Asad, 299. notice discursive processes is directly foucauldian fits in nice with arnal, mccutcheon, lincoln... SYMBOL "relationships between objects or events uniquely brought together as complexes or as concepts, having at once an intelelctual, instrumental and emotional significance" - not too important for his argument, don't worry about studying it i guess.. - symbols we call religious are not set in stone. they are not even obviously religious in the first place. - no explanation for why a symbol is religious as opposed to not religions ie mana vs Grand Canyon - power is invested in these symbols - what makes something religious is not simply because religion is out there but because certain power structures define what gets to be religious. - SYMBOLS INVOLVE RELATIONSHIPS, symbols are not intrinsically valid or meaningful. the maple leaf is symbolic of canada but it requires the understanding of all kinds of relationships. power has much to do with the relationships behind the symbols, and geertz ignores the mechanisms which make a symbol symbolic. - symbols change over time, there is nothing given about them - geertz ignores the power structures that influence how a symbol is understood or made symbolic ie the first four hundred years of christianity there were no crosses as symbols, instead a symbol of a fish like the story of jonas or christ in his skivvies running around healing people. wasn't till the fourth or fifth century that crosses become significant and t
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