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Dr. Fairen - Religious Studies Theories and Methods 28

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Religious Studies
Glen Fairen

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 200 Looking at Quebec: British used to say we are going into India because of the caste syste. Sure thing 'm'lord', with your hierarchies of nobility and royalty and peasantry and bourgeoisie. Now we see this in Quebec, guised as Feminism, Marois says no to veils because they are forced upon women as a symbol of submission to male. The picture of two fully burka'd women walking a daycare of kids at a private daycare. Now questions of expanding this bill to the private sector. Person in class says all that matters is whether they are doing their job. notice the ideology at work here. But it is more than that, clearly, because people are upset. It seems that whether or not they are doing their job is not the bottom line for everyone. There is a political ideology that stretches beyond this. What is the political expedience to this? Will capitalist ideology press through this discrimination to the more capitalist ideological framework: are they doing their job? probably. but there is still a political expedience to othering, HOW IS THIS WORKING TOGETHER? othering probably works better when it can work together with capitalism. this is not a matter of losing jobs for the most part. there is an issue of 'all that is solid melting into air' at least culturally for the rural quebecois. this is relatively common fear mongering in europe. othering of the orient is the most common, especially islam. that is the current symbol of the oriental other. SEMITIC & ARYAN, GENEALOGIES Islam and Christianity are very similar. Moreso than Christianity and Buddhism. The distinction though is that Buddhism is not as problematized as Islam because Buddhism was seen as an ARYAN religio▯ whereas Islam was seen as SEMETIC. Religion is not separate from these distinction but actually the best case demonstration for people who want to draw these huge racial differences between aryan and semitic. ARYANS Mythic origins of Europe in a discrete way. Aryans are a historical group that Invaded India around 1500 BCE References to the Aryans in Veda (the folks writing vedas imply that they were currently invading India, this group of folks refer to themselves as the Aryans). They displaces/assimilated the folks they encountered in India. It is a huge issue (not disinterested) as to who are the aryans, where they were coming from. A lot of folks would justify colonial endeavors based on perceptions of what Aryans did. they were a mythic pedigree for justifying their action. The scholars noticed that the language (Sanskrit) the Vedas were written in was incredibly similar to Greek
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