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University of Alberta
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REN R360
Melanie Muise

Microwave Ovens and Human Health In theory, we don’t see any harmful effects of microwave radiation. In such a low concentration, there is no evidence that it is harmful. But, microwave radiation, in general (no just from microwave oven, but in general from anywhere), can cause some health affects. It can heat our tissue in the same way it heats food. What happens when some part of our body is overheated? Coagulation of proteins (cooking our own body) and other things. Genetic changes, immune response, also occur. What is especially sensitive to high heat are our lenses. This can cause cataracts (problem with eyes in areas where people live in very sunny places). Painful burn and temporary sterility (alter or kill sperm) can also occur by microwaves. Smoke Detectors and Alarms: In every smoke detector or alarm, there is a tiny amount of radioactive material. It’s so small, that an adult or child can ingest it. But, that radioactive material is needed to produce an electric current, and smoke breaks that current, and this is how the alarm is triggered. Until the detector operates properly and it’s not damaged, it cannot cause adverse effect. If you play with detector, or if you take off sealing without reason, they can cause problem. If it stays in detector apparatus, there will be no problems. However, smoke detectors are source of radiation. Television Radiation: when you come close to computer or television, your hair will be pulled because of magnetic field of TV or computer. What goes on inside a TV? In a TV tube (there is a tube in each TV), X-rays produced when electrons strike barrier (surface) while traveling in the vacuum tube as in a TV tube. They are also potential source of X- ray radiation. Most TV sets are safe, and there is no significant risk of injuries. During the 1950s and 1960s, TVs were not safe like nowadays, but nobody knew much about it. The first time when public was advised to take care of it was in 1966, when group of scientists realized that it might affect human health, and advised public to stay a metre and a half away from TV sets. Nowadays, this is not a problem, and TVs and better constructed. When you buy a new TV, always check the label if it meets the standards. Power lines: A power line, local or regional, has some electrical power, or electrical field around it. Even equipment that generates transmits, or use electricity has electrical (electromagnetic) field around it. These rays are very low in frequency. Planet Earth also produces magnetic field. Cell Phones: It is reported that there is number of cases of brain cancer related on the side of the brain of which the person uses more
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