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Lecture 11

SOC210 Lecture 11: ANOVA

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Michelle Maroto

SOC 210 Lecture 11 ANOVA 12 x ( ) Outline Hypothesis testing with ANOVA Limitations of ANOVA ANOVA Used in situation where the researcher is interested in the difference in means across three or more categories elaE How do urban, suburban, and rural families vary in terms of number of children? How do people with a high school diploma, BA, MA, and PhD vary in terms of income? How do younger, middleaged, and older people vary in terms of frequency of religious service attendance? Example A. Students taking introductory biology at a university were randomly assigned to one of three sections taught by different methods. 1. Traditional lecturelab method 2. alllab method 3. videotaped lectures and labs method Is there a significant difference in student performance on the final exam by teaching method? Collect random sample of final scores by teaching method Lecturelab Alllab Videotaped Mean 70.3 71.0 70.1 SD 12.4 11.9 12.2 Mean and SD are similar Consistent with null hypothesis of no difference Lecturelab AllViab deotaped Mean 84.7 71.3 65.7 SD 12.4 11.9 12.2 Means vary, but SD similar Contradict null hypothesis
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