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Stephen Speake

Soc chapter 13 13.1 Demography – the study of human populations Ecological footprint – an estimate for gauging how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its wastes, using prevailing technology -For every year humans occupy earth it takes the earth 1.5 years to regenerate the damage. Population checks – factor that limit population growth ie natural disasters & war Human carrying capacity - The number of people that can be supported in a given area indefinitely Factors that contribute to population growth: 1. Fertility – the actual level of childbearing for an individual or a population; the total fertility rate is an estimate of number of live births a female can be expected to have in her lifetime based on current age-specifics rates. The crude birth rate is the actual number of live births in a given year per 1000 people. 2. Mortality – indicidence of death in a given population influenced by factors that promote longevity (clean water) and reduce (diseases); measured by crude death rate (number of deaths in a given year per 1000 people). Also the infant mortality rate- the number of deaths of infants under one year of age. 3. Migration – the movement of people into or out of a country. The net migration rate is the difference between the number of persons entering and leaving a country during a specified year per 1000 people. Demograp
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