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STAT 151 (10/04/13) Chapter 16: Random Variables | Chapter 17: Probability Models

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Paul Cartledge

STAT 151 (October 4, 2013) Chapter 16: Random Variables | Chapter 17: Probability Models If you toss a coin 3x, these are the outcome probabilities:  x = # of heads flipped  The sum of all the outcome probabilities is equal to 1 o Each outcome probability has a value between 0 and 1  These outcomes are considered disjoint events because ‘x’ can only take on 1 value at a time  What is the mean probability? It is:  If you were to toss a hypothetical “unfair” coin, then the distribution would be skewed and the interpretation of the mean would be less useful o Mean is affected by outliers  Since we have all the elementary outcome probabilities, we are able to find out the population variance and the standard deviation from it: o Equation for σ (population variance) = o Standard deviation is just the square root of the population variance. o Calculations are below for the above coin toss example: Start of Chapter 17: Probability Models Permutation – # o
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