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Lecture 16


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Gregory Wagner

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Lec16 BIOL207 2014-02-12 Genetics of two loci, continued 9:3:3:1 phenotypic ratio expected if no gene interactions, i.e. phenotype of one locus does not affect phenotype the other locus. If the phenotype of one locus DOES affect the other locus, we get different ratios, which are derived by summing various classes from within 9:3:3:1 a. 9:7 (complementary gene action) e.g. purple flowers TWO phenotypic classes: genes act in the same pathway, and both genes are required; loss-of-function (LOF) of EITHER gene (aa__ or __bb) blocks production of normal end product: intermediate products can’t be distinguished phenotypically b. 15:1 (redundant gene action) e.g. grain color TWO phenotypic classes: genes act in the same pathway and EITHER gene is sufficient; LOF of BOTH genes (aabb) is required for loss of normal end product c. 9:3:4 (recessive epistasis) e.g. retriever coat color THREE phenotypic classes: genes
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