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Theme 3 Topic 3-DNA Replication

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BIOL 243
Heather Addy

Theme 3 Topic 3Replication is Semiconservative the double helix contains a parental strand and a newly synthesized strand proved by Meselson and Stahl experimentInitiation y Starts at the replication origin y Helicases bind at the replication origin and cleave and unwind DNAElongation y DNA polymerase III adds nucleotides complementary to the existing strand y Attaches nucleotides to the free 3 hydroxyl end y Only takes place in the 5 to 3 direction y An RNA primer must serve as the starting point y Leading strand nucleotides added continuously y Lagging strand nucleotides added in short Okazaki fragmentsy DNA polymerase I removes RNA primer and fills the gaps with DNA y DNA closes the nick between fragmentsRolling circle replication DNA replication of plasmids they are circular y A nick is made on one of the strands y The strand moves to a second cell through a conjugation bridge y DNA polymerase synthesiz
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