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KNES 367
Lisa Daroux- Cole

KNES 367 – Lec 2 September, 11  What is a disability? o An impairment to a person mentally and or physically. o Not being able to function as a normal person ( societal view)  Different from the norm  Disability stats o In general more women are disabled compared to men (elderly) o More boys have disabilities in the bigger ones such as learning, chronic , speech and girls take over in the smaller ones such as hearing seeing and unknown?  Conceptualization of disability o Negative view o Generalized view of people with disabilities o View them as inhibiting o You can have two people with the same qualifications, one who is obese and one who is normal and the one who is more obese will be judged more negatively or seen as less qualified. o Some people view disabled people as thought they have low intelligence where as they are just as capable as “normal” non disabled people. o How much does the environment impact the disability?  Prevailing frameworks of disability o The 4 model (International class of functioning, and health model (ICF) is used the most currently)  Focuses on what can be done and not what can not be done  Focus on level of health and functioning instead of the disability o Social minority model  Saying that society kind of shapes the disability by pidgeoholding and grouping together all disabled people saying they feel a common experience o Social construction norm  Deviation from the norm is what creates the barrier around disabilities  Disability according to the
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