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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Philosophy 275 Deductive/Inductive and Terms.docx

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PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

Lecture 5 Chapter 2 Begins Sept 18, 2013 Deductive arguments: Valid: : Sound : Unsound Invalid: : Unsound Inductive Arguments *you cannot have sound/unsound. This is a distinction between deductive. Inductive arguments are not judged by whether or not they are true to judge whether or not they are strong or weak. Strong: : If the premises are true, would it make likely for the conclusion to be true? Is so and so likely? -Cogent -Uncogent Ex: Smith said his plane arrives in Calgary at 8pm. It’s 9pm. So Smith is in Calgary now. Weak: : Is it likely that the conclusion is true if assuming the premises are true? -Uncogent Ex: The flames won when I was wearing a red shirt. I will be wearing a red shirt tonight. So the Flames will win tonight. Terms: Common names (= Count nouns) Examples: ‘plants’, ‘buildings’, ‘cars’ Double quotes are generally for quotations, single quotes are for the word or what it refers to
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