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Lecture 7

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PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

rd Lecture 7 Types of Definitions Sept 23 , 2013 Intensional Definitions: Assigns a meaning to a term by listing the properties or attributes shared by all the objects that are denoted (be a sign of, indicate) by the term. Synonymous Definitions Words in a different language: Ex: ‘Inu’ (in Japanese) means dog. The words are ‘Attorney’ means lawyer. synonymous. Word Origin Definitions Defines a word by specifying the intension of that word, or its constituents, that it connoted when it was introduced. Ex: ‘Philosophy’ means love, ‘philo’, of wisdom, ‘sophia’. (You are going back to how it was originally introduced.) ‘Karaoke’ means empty orchestra. ‘Kara’ means empty and ‘oke’ is a short-form English word for ‘orchestra’. Similarly, ‘karate’ means ‘empty hand’. (Explaining the constituents of the word as it was introduced.) Definitions by Genus and Difference Species term is defined – a group. Assigns a meaning to a term (the species) by establishing a genus and combining it with the attribute that distinguishes the members of that species. Genus is a larger group than the species. When a species
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