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Political Science
POLI 359
Mark Baron

The State  Characteristics of the state o Spatial entity  Objective – has a particular form. It is tangible – can observe it.  Occupies an area. Natural or physical boundaries. Geographical. States observe these boundaries. Human made. o Social entity  Socially constructed – no states without the actual physical intervention of human intervention. Through collaboration, cooperation and competition. Do not simply exist, product of purposeful intervention in the physical environment. State was only critical about 600 years ago. States are therefore not permanent structures.  Socially constituted – human beings populate the state, lay claim to the territorial parameters that comprise these states. Exert ownership over particular states. Claims can come from a variety of places (settlement claims  Subjectively constituted – Those people who constructed the state have a sense of belonging to the state. An affinity. Sense of identity. Derived from inter-subjective understandings. o Governed entity  Comprised of a set of governing institutions that we collectively identify as the state apparatus. Where the governing power of the state flows. Anthropomerphism  Treating something (e.g. the state) as having human characteristics. Government – The leadership and supporting staff that is empowered to exercise the power of the state. o Sovereign entity  All power resides in the state. (located in the state) By virtue of the offices they hold. No power above the state and no power that competes with the state. Soul source of the right to use power.  De jure – legal/judicial. Based on recognition. The function of reception. The s
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