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ANTH 1150

Lecture 1: Bushmen of the Kalahari !kung people… not called that anymore now called ju/’hoansi = “true people” ju (person) /’hoan (true) si (plural) “bushman” as a term has overlying racist connotations. – now collectively called “san people” For 80 to 100 years have lost their hunter gatherer status Have worked as laborers for white cattle farmers, now wear western cloths, very tattered – very poor. LAND OWNERS: Afrikaners Dutch/German living in Namibia and south Africa (white land owners) Hereros (bantu speakers) – very different language, tall dark skinned San people work in very poor conditions. They are one of the most marginalized, stigmatized impoverished people in southern Africa. They are paid very little, sometimes only cloths and food, sometimes only in home made beer.” -very poor When apartheid ended in south Africa, it ended in Namibia too. As this transpired, the area was democratized. SYLVIAN’S RESEARCH: Gender, race, class distinctions and the rights associated with the above people à she will be drawing from her research in the course. Famous Anthropologists: Margaret Mead Jane Goodall (primatologist) H.L. Mainkin (journalist) – defined the purpose of journalism as this: “to comfort the afflict and to afflict the comfortable “ -> applies to anthro Voltair (French philosophy) – “if you can get people to believe absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities” Anthro: Study everything we do Human beliefs Human behavior patterns. TEXTBOOKS – “Cultural anthropology, 7th edition – Marvin Harris/Orna Johnson” Read textbook readings (obv) and READ THE CASE STUDIES! - don’t have to know every detail, but you should be familiar. Make sure you study the case studi
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