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Lecture 3

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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 2150
Andrew Sherwood

ARTH 2150 Lecture 3 9112013 72600 AM Franchthi Cave 20003000 Neolithic Nea Nikomedia6000 Sesklo54000 Dimini43000 Megaronraplural means large house or large building on sites Chalcolithic period copper age43500 Bronze Age3000 Anatoliacentral and eastern Turkey with copper minds HissarlikModern day Troy on a tel man made artificial hill Lernamainland site Hellespontthe straight btwn the mainland and Troy from the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea evidence of humans in Greece around the Paleolithic period 1700 and flint axe remains have been found even farther back 120000 represents a culture of huntergatherersaround 8000 BC this wandering existence because some focal shelters and seasonal sites with more sophisticated tools 80006000 we start to find obsidian for more sophisticated tools obsidianvolcanic glass holds a much sharper edge for tools obsidian is not found in mainland Greece must be imported coming from the Cycladic islands obsidian tools found in the Franchthi caveMesolithic to the Neolithic period whats important about the obsidian is how did they get it there They obviously had boats and maritime trade to get it Sesklo cave has obsidian in it too
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