ARTH 3220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Neocolonialism, Devaluation, Rela

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On hybridity and moving beyond homi k. bhabba. This is how west deals with any culture that is other" (not west) West creates this binary between us" civilized, educated and them" other" and uncivi- lized, etc. Hegemony, rule and power, west over the rest. Says ok this isn"t great, but not giving any representation to the other". What did they think of this representation. Can they use this representation to their benefit or was it negative. How have traditions developed or changed as a result of compilation of cultures. Particular interest british colonization of india and what happens as a result of that. How did the people living there adapt to this colonization. How did the relationship develop, negotiation of culture and tradition. Two cultures come together and negotiate their influences, ideas, Bhabha"s contribution: saying we cannot only consider that britain influenced india (or.