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BIOL 1070 Lecture Notes - Paraphyly

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

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BIO 1070 LECTURE September 28th!
ICLICKER : which Is true? Groups with active valve
gaping are paraphyletic
An unbalanced tree will have a branch in it that is
straight with nothing branching off of it.
NOT A CLADE (PARAPHYLETIC): removed one taxa
from the group Iclicker : ANS b) white, green, blue,
Evolution arrows, bottom right: extinct ancestor of all
tetrapods. NOT a frog (or human)
Bottom : Extinct ancestor of all osteichthys
(vertebrates with bones
Top left: modern fish species. Not the ancestor of
frog or human
Mainline of evolution: iclicker ans: None of the above
50% of vertebrates make up the main line
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