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BIOL 1070 Lecture Notes - Heredity, Genotype, Natural Selection

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BIOL 1070
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LECTURE September 19th!
Biological Variation
What can we observe from this data?? Females had much larger sample size, A & C are
the largest numbers on both male and female. Sexual Dimorphism
What are the causes of variation in finger length?? - genotypic variation and phnotypic
Exam Question ANSWER: B) there has been a great deal of
movement of mussels into this river from nearby lakes
A= Natural selection
C= Bottle Neck
D= genetic repair mechanism
E= founder Effect!
What is a GENE: a molecular unit of heredity in a living organism
It’s made up of stretches of DNA and RNA that may code for a type of protein or have a
function in the organism.
What is an allele? : is a form of a gene group of genes
Different alleles may result in different traits, such as eye or flower petal color. However,
Different alleles may gibe rise to the same trait resulting in genetic variation in alleles
with little or o variation in traits.
The primary source are errors in DNA replication. They occur at random
Mutations do not occur in order to benefit the organism
A secondary source of genetic variation
Founder Effects: loss of genetic variation that occurs when a new, smaller populations Is
Genetic Drift: random changes in allele frequencies in population due to CHANCE
Gene flow: Sharing of alleles among populations
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