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lecture 2

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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

Bio 1080 Lecture 2 Research in medicine and healthcarePrimary research literature search using pubmed medline cast and conflictingResearch funding organizations of Canada and USA Experimental systems of medical and healthcare researchBasic experimental designs of medical and healthcare research Medical and healthcare practiceThe current physician based healthcare systemNew dimensions in medical and healthcare practice Research in medicine and healthcare The experimental systems of medical and healthcare research The categories of experimental systems of medical and healthcare research are A Simulations with mathematic models computer in silico mechanical and chemical tecchniques B In vitro and exvivo models cell culture and related technologies C Animal models elegans laboratory rats laboratory mice laboratory swine laboratory primates D People human subjectsclinical trials always volunteers Multidimensional approach to research and knowledge transfer Experimental systems simulationsIn silico fast growing field original modeling reanalysisChemistry to lifeRobotsrobotic partsIn vitro and ex vivo technologiesperfused rat heart live test drugs cell culture can grow replacement skin in culture to graft on burns normal cells and cancer cellsnematods worm most defined model of genes life causeeffectAnimal models 1 elegans23 week lifespanAnimal models 2 drosophila melanogastercomplex life cycle very sensitive to environmentaldisruption easy to manipulation rats are vigorous intelligent and social poor model for earlyAnimal models 3 lab ratsdevelopment in humansAnimal models 4 laboratory mice WT wildtype KO knockout most noted for recombinant DNA technology used to test the role of specific genes
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