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Lecture 23

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BIOL 4150
Andrew Mac Dougall

Population Ecology Lecture NotesLecture 23 The Next Step Exponential Growth a continuously accelerating or decelerating rate of population increase as a function of population sizeCharacteristics 1Closed populationoBirthsincreaseoDeathsdecrease2Initial population sizesmall with unlimited resources 3Ntpopulation size at time t4Process is continuous births and deaths happening continuouslyNOT a cohort5No defined timing of the births and deaths eg rainy season nocturnal Equation for exponential growthodNdtrN whereodNdt is the instantaneous rate of changeor is the intrinsic rate of increaser explainedr0orbd where b is the birth rate and d is the death rateoWhen bd r0 and dNdt rN is positiveoWhen bd r0 and dNdt is negativer0 0oWhen bd r0 and dNdt0r0Example If N100 and r01 indivsindivday how much growth in one dayodNdtrN0110010 individualsTo predict N at any time in the future one needs to solve the differential equationrtNNe Npop size at time 0 ebase of the natural log 272 a constant 0t0
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