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BUS 2090
Hassan Wafai

BUS*2090 Lecture Notes th January 10 2013 Organizational Behaviour & Management Manager: Someone who gets things done through other people in organizations Organization: A consciously coordinated social unit composed of 2+ people that function on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal(s) 3 features… 1. Social Inventions  Receives social & human capital: More important than financial capital 2. Goal accomplishment  Should be goal(s) in organization to be achieved (e.g financial, non-financial etc.) 3. Group Effort  Can’t understand organization as individuals must understand groups Manager’s Functions  Planning, organizing, leading & controlling are the main functions Development of Management Function Classical School of Management  Pre WW2  Many levels of organization  Lower levels don't have many options  Employee = machine that must be controlled without understanding behaviour Human Relations Movement  Flexibility  Post WW2 – 80s & 90s  Lets everyone have options and encourages innovation  Understanding human behaviour Contingency Approach  Approach depends on situation/variables Cultural Excellence Approach  Believes in flat organization with no levels  Horizontal reporting  People work in teams Japanese School  A combination of classical & cultural approach  Japanese have strong culture and structure Organizational Learning  Concept is still not completely defined What is Organizational Behaviour?  A field of study that is concerned w/ individuals, groups & structure and the influence within organizations for the purpose of improving organization’s effectiveness  Psychology, sociology, anthropology & social psycholog
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