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University of Guelph
BUS 2090
Hassan Wafai

BUS*2090 Lecture Notes th January 17 2013 Learning in Organizations  Use to teach practical skills  Intrapersonal skills: problem solving, critical thinking etc. Theories of Learning Operant Conditioning (B.F Skinner)  A type of conditioning in which desired voluntary or learned behaviour leads to a reward or prevents a punishment  Use of reinforcement to increase the probability of desired behaviour Social-Learning Theory  People can learn through observation & direct experience  People respond to how they view & define consequences not to the objective consequences themselves 4 stages to the model… 1. Attentional Processes 2. Retention Processes 3. Motor Reproduction Processes 4. Reinforcement Processes Shaping/Influencing Behaviour  Systematically reinforcing each successive step that moves an individual closer to desired response  Reinforcement: A reinforcer is a stimulus Types of Reinforcements 1. Positive Reinforcement  Provide reward for desired behaviour 2. Negative Reinforcement  Removing unpleasant consequences when the desired behaviour occurs  The behaviour strengthened & increased by its terminating the undesirable consequences  Eg. Dinging of “seat belt unbuckled” notification is stopped when put of seatbelt 3. Punishment  Applying an un-desirable condition to eliminate an undesired behaviour  E.g Detention when late to class in middle school 4. Extinction  Withholding reinforcement of a behaviour to cause its cessation (s
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