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Jan 31 2012 Human resources Lecture notes

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BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

stJanuary 31 Lecture Human Resources Human Rights Legislation Characteristics of harassment Unsolicited unwelcome ought to be known To be unwelcome by a reasonable person Continues despite protestsEnforcementCanadian Human Rights Commission Commission may refuse complaint if made by someone other than the victimCommission can also initiate a complaint if they believe someone is acting in discriminatory mannerCan refuse if seems trivial or longer than one yearParties will try to reach a conciliation agreement Conciliation someone mediates between 2 partiesIf cannot be solved the Human Rights Tribunal will investigateHuman right tribunal wants to protect both partiescome to conclusionRemedies for violationsStop the discriminatory practice Restore the rights opportunities and privileges denied to victimCompensate victim for wages lost and any expenses incurred as a result of the discriminationCompensate victim for any additional cost of obtaining alternative goods services facilities or accommodation as a result of discriminationEg Move to another location can factor in commute costs gas etcEg Daycar
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