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Beowulf pt3

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ENGL 3560
Deborah Powell

thThursday January 26 Beowulf In GeneralWrapping up Question What is the purpose of history in Beowulf Provide specifics The purposes are multiple Lends it a level of believability The history included is not linearit is continuous not just in the past but also in the present Used as a way of interpreting present events Eg lineage Ubi suntThese are ScandinavianNorthern Germanic not English histories But it was recognized as their own history regardless a shared history The interpolated histories teach us things Eg to leave an heiro Boasting personal and lineal history ie that he is the descendent of great warriors enables boastingend of the poem admonishes people against boasting History is used within the poem for glorification of the self and also for the community serves to empowerglorify the society we are the society that created this great hero Illusion of historical authority What do you for sure know about your sisters son vs your own sonthat he is definitely part of your bloodline thus in some ways a bett
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