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November 26th Design Notes.docx

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ENGG 2100
John Runciman

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NOVEMBER 26 Technical Standards and Safety Authority Technical Standards and Safety Act Amusement devices Elevating Devices Boilers and Pressure Vessels Fuels Operating Engineers Upholstered and Stuffed Articles 43000+ in Ontario Responsibilities Review and register designs License Establish safety codes and standards Inspect Standards Are documented agreements They contain technical specifications or other precise criteria They are used consistently as rules, guidelines or definition of characteristics To ensure that materials, products, processes are  ISO 9000/14000 The way an organization goes about its work NOT directly the result of this work Processes not documented An organization becomes CERTIFIED By an ACCREDITED body that is capable of accessing the process ISO 9000 Primarily associate with "quality management" What the organization does to ensure that its products conform to customers' requirements ISO 14000 Primarily associated with "environmental management" What the organization does to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused from its activities Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Not­for­profit membership­based organization Develop standards that Address read needs (ex. public safety, health) Advanced quality of life Helping to preserve the environment Facilitating trade ENGG 2100: This Term in Review Design vs. Engineering Design Design Incremental Big and Bold Revolutionary Engineering Design Requires the application of engineering science in design process Often requires the safeguarding of human health Characteristics of a Designer imagination or insight ability to visu
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